After spending some hours of research on both active and upcoming ICOs projects seeking for a good project to add to my investment portfolio, I found a very interesting and promising project which has brighten my day. The project is Multiven Open Marketplace (MON) which is currently as ICO stage.

I spent hours researching because, according to Statis Group, an ICO advisory firm, statistics have shown that more than 70% of ICO projects in 2017 were identified as scams causing some investors huge investment loss.

So before making any investment decision, it is very critical that deep research about the project is carried out and information and claims verified.

An aspect of the Multiven Open Market (MON)I researched was the milestone of the project which is a very important area which speaks volume about the project. It is very important because any project without a clear roadmap is headed for doom. Below are the findings of the research conducted on the milestone (Roadmap) of the project.

But before we proceed, let me briefly explain what Multiven Open Marketplace is all about and what it brings to the table

Brief introduction of the Multiven Open Marketplace

Multiven (MOM) is the world’s first blockchain based marketplace which will disrupt the world of e-commerce and traditional marketplace especially the huge and ever-growing IT marketplace. I will enable peer to peer transactions, lowers commission costs, eliminates the middleman issue and also brings transparency and more transaction security to the ecosystem. All transactions on the Multiven Open Marketplace will be done with the use of a global currency — The Multicoin (MTC).

With the evolution of Multiven MOM, the future of big e-commerce giants like Amazon , Alibaba and ebay could be threatened.

Multiven Milestone

Multiven Milestone Researched and Interesting Findings

An effort was taken to research the information on the milestone to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the company and project. And all the information contained in the milestone, so far, was true and verified

Multiven was founded in 2005 in Palo Alto California by Mr. Peter Alfred-Adekeye. The company (Multiven) is now the world’s first and only independent provider of software management, maintenance, and cyber-security services for internet networks with regional offices in France, London, and UAE (Dubai). Its headquarters is in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The implication of this is that Multiven is an already established and successful business which speaks volume to the high potential and prospect of the MOM ICO project becoming a success. It has offices spread across Europe and UAE with physical addresses which means an investor can physically interface with them unlike most ICOs’ that have only online presence (website) and can disappear in the internet space at any time. This is truly a plus.

Further research confirmed that Multiven actually sued Cisco in December 2008 which was filed in US District Court in California charging that Cisco, which is a dominant network equipment vendor, did not make necessary software updates for third-party vendors which were affecting Multiven operation and services. Multiven’s intention was to break Cisco ’s monopoly and to open up network service market space which will promote competition and ensure consumer choice and value. The legal issue was later resolved in favour of Multiven.

The implication of this is the Multiven is a company with great interest in consumer’s value and choice and will go the extra miles to ensure this is achieved.

Join me in this marketplace revolution with Multiven.

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