Organizations and enterprises carry out their day to day activities to make basically to make profit and satisfy their customers. These activities include product creation, rendering of services, product marketing, and distribution, contract negotiations and deal signings, customer service and relationship management, and lots more. …

Overview of ARROUND Platform

ARROUND is a start-up project based on blockchain which will combine Augmented Reality (AR) and the innovative blockchain technology to create the world’s first decentralized advertising solution in Augmented Reality.

With the combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and blockchain technology, ARROUND platform will offer the following:

NEXTPAKK is a delivery service platform that will use innovative blockchain technology to effectively and track packages while ensuring privacy of customer’s identity and timely delivery.


  • The platform provides a smooth and frictionless system by enabling open communication between the delivery drivers and the consumers…

ICO Experts

We are a group of cryptocurrency analysts specializing in cryptocurrency forcast, ICO analysis, reviews and Cryptocurrency Investment Advisory Services.

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